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Avocus Publishing

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The Intentional Teacher
•Available Now!•

Peter Gow

Peter Gow's "The Intentional Teacher" mines decades of the author's classroom experience to help teachers succeed and forge fulfilling careers. Covering classroom management, planning, getting to know students, and a wealth of other topics, "The Intentional Teacher" is a comprehensive guide to teaching students of all ages in independent schools. installment in a series of booklets that address issues of concern in independent schools.

ISBN 9781890765033
Stock No. AV5033
Paperback $26.95
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“…[Gow] gives a major gift to serious practitioners of the art of teaching. The book, pure gold for experienced super-stars as well as promising rookies, honors the profession and lights the way for anyone who seeks to live a quality teaching career.”

-David Mallery
Independent Consultant to Schools

“After thirty years of teaching and ushering in young neophytes to the profession, upon reading Peter Gow’s THE INTENTIONAL TEACHER, I knew I had found the bible for independent school teaching and mentoring.”

-Anne Weeks
Upper School Director
The Agnes Irwin School

“This is worthwhile reading for anyone who is connected in any way with independent school education, and especially for teachers and administrators who need to reconcile the theories of modern education with the realities of today’s world.”

-Lee Miller
CalWest Educators Placement

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